Projects: Power

Case Study 1

Cost Database Review and Commentary: ElectraNet

ElectraNet appointed Capisce QS to undertake a comparison of costs observed in historic tender returns to update their cost database and to help improve estimating accuracy within the business.  

CAPEX: AUD N/A   |   DATES: 2018   |   LOCATION: Adelaide, SA

Capisce QS analysed returned tenders from a range of projects and undertook reviews on how the costs observed differed from contractor to contractor and against the typical estimating allowances. 

This high-level analytical review of historic pricing information provided the ElectraNet estimating team with an informed basis of specific market trends that were being experienced.  This information has assisted Electranet in identifying industry “norms” for regularly occurring project activities specific to the power distribution industry resulting in consistent and more accurate estimating.    

Case Study 2

LPS HV Infrastruture and Utilities Project (LPS Transformation Project): WGA/Liberty Primary Steel

As part of the transformation program to ramp production rate up, a significant increase in power required to the site will result from the proposed upgrades. The Utilities Project will include upgrades of the utilities and HV supplies to and reticulation within the Whyalla steelworks site.

CAPEX: AUD 159M   |   DATES: 2019 |   LOCATION: Whyalla, SA

Capisce QS provided cost advice for the utilities and HV infrastructure options with estimates.

Capisce QS’s specialist industry experience and knowledge, informed and well-researched cost build-ups leading to robust estimating processes provided LPS a great confidence boost to their project development. 

Case Study 3

Process Optimisation Project: Enerven

Capisce QS were engaged to provide estimate reviews on the Enerven estimating teams work on solar farms.  The main goal was to identify a way forward to provide improvement to Enerven’s procedures and methodology in developing estimates and in turn provide overall improvement to the process currently in place. 

CAPEX: AUD 1.2M   |   DATES: 2019   |   LOCATION: Berri, SA 

Capisce QS has been engaged by Enerven’s process optimisation project team to review the Estimating process and procedures within Enerven’s unregulated parts of the business for three key Project groups.

Capisce provided one of our Senior Estimators to spend time within Enerven offices to listen, watch and question the estimating process and procedures.  Through this observation Capisce QS was able to produce a summary of findings and initial recommendations for the next step towards Enerven’s estimating process overall improvement.  This engagement was later further expanded assist in the roll out of new training for the Enerven estimating team.  

Other POWER Project Examples

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Project TitleDate
Cost Database Review2018
Asset Capitalisation projects2019
Port Augusta Battery Project2019
Process Optimisation Project2019
Estimation Strategies, Tools and Processes2020
Scopes and Estimates, 2023-28.2020
Expert Estimator Training for power group2021
High Voltage Electrical infrastructure and Utilities Projects.2019
Loss of Power - Risk Reduction Project (Selection / Definition Phase Study)2021