Projects: Mining

Case Study 1

Smelter Campaign Maintenance 21: BHP

Smelter Campaign Maintenance 21 (SCM21) was the largest major maintenance shutdown ever executed by BHP within Olympic Dam. As a major deconstruct and reconstuct project, the objective was to improve the integrity of critical plant and associated infrastructure to enable an extended 6 year campaign of operation. Scope included the demoliton and reconstruction (with enhancements) of the flash smelting furnace and the replacement of key critical equipment (drier coil, sulphur burner, heat exchangers, larox filters) in each facility.

CAPEX: AUD +650M   |   DATES: 2018 – 2022   |   LOCATION: Olympic Dam, SA 

Capisce QS led BHP’s SCM21 Project Controls team during both the design and execution phases and were critical in contributing to the project’s success.

Capisce QS delivered effective Project Controls across all phases by supporting the implementation of robust systems and procedures and providing BHP with accurate Cost/Schedule data, in a format that could be understood and often in an accelerated timeframe, that enabled BHP to make informed decisions to mitigate risks early and drive project performance.

Case Study 2

Solvent Extraction Fire Foam Pipework: GHD

BHP’s Solvent extraction (SX) fire foam pipework system, which consists of a ring-main, cooling water deluge and foam system; is designed for asset protection. It will contain a fire event that originates at the SX plant and prevent a widespread outbreak through the rest of the facility. The scope of this project encompasses the execution of changes to the eight identified foam zones in the SX Plant to meet current NFPA 11 and Company standards and regulations.

CAPEX: AUD 18M   |   DATES: 2019   |   LOCATION: South Australia

Capisce QS was engaged by GHD to provide capital cost estimates for the modification work to the SX fire foam pipework to eight foam zones included project management, design, procurement and construction costs to provide the scope of works from project approval to plant commissioning and readiness for operations.

Capisce QS assisted BHP in preparing class 4 and class 2 capital estimates for the upgrade works and worked in conjunction with GHD scheduler to align cost and schedule for BHP review team analysis.  Capisce QS assessed information provided by ECI contractor and fill in gaps in scope, costs and risk elements in our cost estimates to provide a realistic and true market value for BHP.

Case Study 3

Bhp Surface Sustaining Portfolio: GHD/BHP Olympic Dam

The Olympic Dam Surface Sustaining Program combines five separate work packages (WP2 Sands Production to CAF/Deslimes, WP3 Tails Leach Tank 4, WP4 Concentrate Thickeners, WP5 Bismuth and Antimony Removal System, WP6 Precious Metal Refinery) aiming to address the issues relating to asset integrity and sustaining production in order to ensure the current five year plan for production is achieved.

CAPEX: AUD 70M   |   DATES: 2020 |   LOCATION: Olympic Dam, SA

Capisce QS provided cost estimates (one per work package) to complement the Identification Phase Study reports spear headed by GHD.

Enjoying a long and sustained involvement with BHP and GHD as independent estimators and secondees integrated into BHP teams, Capisce QS have become intimately acquainted with BHP’s internal requirements and processes. Furthermore, our approach especially so with BHP is very much centered on our clients’ needs and involves all levels of management, ensuring that the best skill base is always on offer. Using rates built up from first principles, previous project rates, budget quotes from specialist contractors & suppliers, commiserate with Class 4 estimates, we ensure that BHP have the reliable documents integral to their processes.

Other MINING Project Examples

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Project TitleDate
Brownfield Expansion (BFX) Primary Water2019
Asset Integrity Cost Estimating Tool2018
1000T Bin replacement2018
Solvent Extraction Fire Foam Pipework2018
SIMEC Northern Magnetite Water & Power2018
Smelter Campaign Maintenance (SCM) 21 Estimator / Cost Engineer2018
Smelter Campaign Maintenance (SCM) 21 Project Services Lead2018
Tunnel Remediation Bill Of Quantities2018
Definition Phase Study Site Mine Access Road Diversion Project2018
Definition Phase Study M6 Pipeline Replacement2018
Sewer Lagoon2018
Olympic Dam Demolition Projects2018
Definition Phase Study Olympic Dam 1000T Bin Replacement Works2019
Olympic Dam Solvent Extraction Plant Fire Detection2019
BHP Estimating Review Support2019
TSF6-EP6 Construction Water Supply Class 22019
BHP Surface Workshop estimating Assistance2019
Desalination Plant Asset Valuation2019
Demineralisation Plant Asset Valuation2019
Wellfield B, M6AB Pipeline and Pump Station Asset Valuation2019
Olympic Dam Water Storages Asset Valuation2019
Olympic Dam Selection Phase Study Closure Projects Combined2019
Water Supply Asset System2019
Raise bores TDEC Exhaust2019
Surface Sustaining Portfolio2019
Roaster Fume Hood Project2019
Acid Storage Identification Phase Study Olympic Dam2019
Wellfield Supply Pipelines Risk Reduction Project - M1/M6 Pipeline2019
SX Plant Fire Protection Upgrade Identification Phase Study2019
Olympic Dam Contaminated Waste Facility2019
Olympic Dam Warehouse Capacity Project Identification Phase Study2020
Underground Communications Project2020
Underground Radio Project - Technology Group2020
Olympic Dam Rising Sewer Main2020
Southern Quarries -v- St Vincent2020
Acid Storage Tank Definition Phase Study2020
M6 Transfer Main Pumping Station Upgrade2020
Loss of Power - Risk Remediation Project2020
Oz Minerals Estimating Services2020
WSRR-IPS (Wellfield Supply Replacement Reframing)2020
Contaminated Waste Disposal Facility2021
Logification of the borefield 10K Pit2021
Mine End Sewer Definition Phase Study - Class 2 Cost Estimate2021
PS3C Pump VSD2021
RO Tank Replacement2021
Yandi Infrastructure Selection Phase Study2021
South Para pedestrian river Culvert2021
Olympic Dam SCM 21 Bechtel Site Support Role2021
Concentrate Thickener2021
Olympic Dam Ore Transfer Bin Identification Phase Study2021
SIMEC Scheduling2021
Chandler Project ("Tellus") 2021
Mag Expansion Stage 2 Estimate2022
Desalination Plant Cooling Tower Replacement Identification Phase Study2022
BHP Principal Planner (SP&S)2022