Projects: Maritime

Case Study 1

Cape Jervis & Penneshaw Berthing Structures, Holding Measures Options: DPTI

Options for restoration and improvement to structures at Cape Jervis and Penneshaw that have seen degradation and damage from berthing ferries.

CAPEX: Confidential   |   DATES: 2019 |   LOCATION: Kangaroo Island, SA 

Capisce QS have provided option estimates for remediation/restoration and improvement works to berths. Option works include timber rubbing chafers, steelwork to mooring structures, replacing steel with concrete structures and pile work.

Capisce QS specialist industry experience and knowledge using previous project rates, market information and best practice of our profession to produce estimates that represent true market costs have enabled DPTI to proceed with confidence in their procurement process.

Case Study 2

Lincoln Cove Marina Replacement and Maintenance of Assets: DPTI

Replacement and ongoing maintenance of assets including revetments, sheet-pile walls, timber promenades, pavements and boat ramps; work divided into different timeframes (0-5 years, 5-10 years and 10-20 years).

CAPEX: Confidential   |   DATES: 2020  |   LOCATION: Port Lincoln, SA

Capisce QS provided estimates of replacement and on-going maintenance costs for assets within the Lincoln Cove Marina, with responsibilities allocated to the local council and DPTI.

Capisce QS’s specialist industry experience and knowledge using previous project rates and best practice to produce the estimates, provided DPTI with the basis and confidence when making procurement and budgetary decisions.

Case Study 3

Berth 6 & 7 Bollards and Fenders Upgrade: Flinders Ports

The Berth 6 and Berth 7 upgrading works included construction of additional row of fenders right below the existing fenders with new supporting frames, chains and fixings to concrete; addition of 8 off 150T double bitt bollard with fixing bolts; and refurbishment and relocation of 20 off existing double bitt bollards with new fixing bolts. The Landside upgrading works included demolition of existing mooring dolphin and gangway; construction of 2 off new landside bollard structures with piles, pile caps, 150T bollards and capstans; concrete/grout fill voids between armor rock to create a smooth surface to prevent mooring lines catching; construction of 1 off new access gangway supported by monopile with access ladder and fendering.

CAPEX: AUD 6.4M   |   DATES: 2021  |   LOCATION: Port Adelaide, SA

Capisce QS was engaged by Flinders Ports to provide cost estimation for berth 20 upgrades.

Capisce QS’ specialist industry experience and knowledge using previous project rates, market information and experience with the client, allows for cost advice that enables Flinders Ports to proceed with confidence in their procurement process.

Other MARINE Project Examples

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Project TitleDate
Berth 20 Construction2019
Thevenard Hopper Project2019
Berth 25 Equinor Asset Valuation2020
Berth 18-20 Concrete Remediation Works2020
Pt Lincoln Water Main Replacement Berth 7 & 92020
FACT Berth 6&7 Bollards and Fenders Upgrade2020
Channel Widening Audit Costings2020
IH Berth 20 & Northern Wingwall Remediation2020
Klein Point Jetty Refurbishment Pricing2020
H Berth Southern Sheet Pile Wall Upgrade2020
Kangaroo Island Ports Interim and Integrated Works2020
Thevenard Navigation Aids and Jetty Remediation2020
Fact Berth 6&7 Bollards and Fenders Upgrade Rev 12020
Coffin Bay Jetty Refurbishment2021
Steel Assets Condition Assessment Repairs and Replacement Costs2021
Electrical Lighting Upgrade Design Phase2021
ADM Power Outlets Port Pirie Berth 52021
O'Sullivans Beach and Anxious Bay Boat Ramp Projects2021
Kangaroo Island Ports - Inner and Outer Structures2021
Port Pirie New Amenities Building 2021
Port Germein Jetty Refurbishment2021
Passenger Terminal Brickwork2021
FACT Shed Pavement Rehabilitation2021
OH3 100t Hardstand2022
Berths 4-10 Electrical Lighting Upgrade2022
Outer Harbour 2 and 4 Electrical Lighting Upgrades2022
Anxious Bay Boat Ramp Options.2022
Cape Jervis Penneshaw Berthing Structures2019
Lincoln Cove Marina2020
West Beach Boat Ramp Replacement2021