Projects: Industrial

Case Study 1

Liberty Stores Relocation (LPS Transformation Project): WGA/Liberty Primary Steel

As part of the transformation program to ramp production rate up, several changes are planned to include the installation of a new rolling mill. The new mill will be located in the area currently used by the main store building, stores 4, 5 & 6 and the Stores Dome, which will need to be relocated.

CAPEX: AUD 23M   |   DATES: 2019 |   LOCATION: Whyalla, SA

Capisce QS provided cost advice/estimates via WGA to relocate existing stores facilities. The scheme involves moving contents of existing storages, modifications of existing structures and construction of new.

Using rates built up from first principles, previous project rates, budget quotes from specialist contractors & suppliers, Capisce QS produced dependable cost data which afforded LPS with confidence in their budgeting and feasibility decisions.

Case Study 2

Thevenard Feed Hopper Upgrade: WGA/Viterra

Upgrade of the structure and building housing the new hopper at Flinders Ports Thevenard.

CAPEX: AUD 0.7M   |   DATES: 2019  |  LOCATION: Ceduna, SA

Capisce QS provided a preliminary estimate based on the design and scope of works prepared by WGA.

Drawing on Capisce QS’s vast industry experience and expertise, and using estimating from first principles backed up by current supply pricing, previous project rates, market information and benchmarking material, our estimate places the Client in a position to confidently procure/execute the project.

Case Study 3

Whyalla Steelworks Project: WSP

The Whyalla Steelworks, under new ownership, is exploring ways to increase the capacity, by up to 50%, and improve cost efficiency through improvement of the current plants equipment and harnessing lost energy of the current plant.

CAPEX: AUD 50M   |   DATES: 2018|   LOCATION: Whyalla, SA

Capisce QS was engaged through the owner’s engineering management team to develop cost estimating guidelines and assisting in preparing and reviewing independent cost estimates of the current projects.  Further activities have included providing probabilistic risk estimate ranging facilitation.

Capisce QS continues to provide probabilistic risk estimating and review services across a number of priority projects.  This service has enabled informed decision making on project feasibility in a timely manner allowing focus on developing and improving value initiatives on the projects with a higher chance of success. 

Other INDUSTRIAL Project Examples

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Project TitleDate
Whyalla Steelworks Project2018
LPS Transformation Project (IMS installation)2018
Whyalla Furnace & Offgas Project Pre Feasibility Cost Estimate2019
Liberty Stores Relocation2019
LPS HV Electrical infrastructure and Utilities Projects.2019
New Mill and Melt Shop Utilities2020