Our People

Scott Lang

The Prodigy of Science and Art

Clients love to work with Scott – not just because of the quality of his advice, but because of his ability to cut through roadblocks and develop effective solutions to the most complex of issues. It is quite normal in the Capisce office to find Scott surrounded by his peers who need his ability to look at problems with a different perspective. At the end of that process, peers leave with unique and sensible solutions for their clients. Scott is one of the best examples of the type of professionals Capisce hires – professionals who can perform their roles to a high standard while going above and beyond their comfort zone to extract genuine value by thinking outside the box for clients.

Always ready for laugh, Scott brings a refreshing and positive outlook to completing clients’ projects, while maintaining a professional approach.

Scott has worked for 15 years as a qualified Senior Quantity Surveyor, focussing on exploring the greenfield and brownfield mining sites across regional and metropolitan areas. His expertise lies in analysing possible risks and providing solutions to mitigate these obstacles.

The scope of Scott’s industry experience is wide, spanning a variety of fields including water, power, infrastructure, mining and construction.

  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation
  • Cost Management
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • First Principles Estimating
  • Value Management
  • Water
  • Power Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Roads
  • Residential & Commercial Construction
Scott Lang

Delivering human value

QS driven by ESG factors for enhanced social outcomes

  • Eastern Parklands Sewer, Water and Power Provision
  • Berth 25 Restoration, Flinders Ports
  • Northern Water Irrigation System

Assessing project briefs to determine possible risks and subsequent solutions

  • Mag Expansion stage 2 Project
  • 1000T Bin
  • Loss of Power Risk Mitigation
  • Yandi Closure Project

Delivering value-for-money for South Australians

  • SA Water Desalination Plant
  • SA Water Asset Valuations
  • Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant Inlet Works
  • Northern Water Supply Project

Utilising expertise to provide specific solutions to complete projects

  • OD 1,000T Bin Replacement
  • Whyalla Steelworks Project
  • OD M6 Pipeline Replacement
  • Razorback NPI development
  • OD Warehouse capacity project