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Jeremy Robinson

The Game Changer

A high-performing Quantity Surveyor and First Principal Cost Estimator, Jeremy offers over a decade of experience in the building, infrastructure space, including engineering services projects. With a mind that calculates potential outcomes and scenarios as fast as calculator itself, Jeremy is always ahead of the game. He has a knack for understanding potential outcomes and how these impact projects. As a result, the precision advice he provides accommodates not only cost elements but also functionality and other critical factors such as human interaction/use of a physical asset.

Jeremy digs deep to understand a project’s scope of works and, more importantly, the constructability methods used to inform estimates and reports. By looking at the bigger picture, Jeremy can produce superior results at a granular level – all of which add up to provide robust support to the end product and a client’s vision.

Jeremy respects his peers, their advice, their knowledge, and their leadership. While he respects these aspects, he is also a mentor himself. Supporting mentorship works both ways. When undertaking a task on a project with one of the senior leaders within the company, Jeremy will respect the requirement that is asked for, and if there is a better way to undertake this task, he will discuss the specifics with the senior leader of the project.

  • Cost Planning
  • Estimating
  • Contract Administration
  • Value Management  
  • Health
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Mixed Use Precincts
  • Commercial Fitout  
Jeremy Robinson

Delivering human value

QS driven by ESG factors for enhanced social outcomes

  • Bureau of Meterology (various)
  • ASP Regional Electrical Infrastructure Projects

Expertise application of contract management and administration

  • 81 Flinders Steet Development

Delivering value-for-money for South Australians

  • Jetty Road Masterplan Glenelg
  • Rymill Park Infrastructure Upgrades

Analysing all information pertaining to projects to meet all required objectives

  • RAAF East Sale
  • Fisherman Bend Works
  • Transonic Security Upgrades
  • Adelaide Youth Courts
  • UniSA Low Load Chiller Replacement