Quantum Advice

Amount or extent

Accuracy, scope capture, format, compatible software and measuring what’s not on the drawings are at the heart of what Capisce QS can provide in our Quantum Advice services. Take these skills and add our promise to deliver in a tight timeframe and you have the answer to your quantification issues.

​Capisce QS offers the following quantum advice services:

  • Full Bills of Quantities
  • Builders Quants
  • Re-measurement of works done  
  • Measurement of works to completion  
  • Cost advice of works required to completion 
  • Earned Value Rate Analysis
  • Production of tender documentation ranging from Schedules of Works to full Bills of Quantities
  • Preparing builders quantities to contracting organisations
  • Preparation of bid documentation for tendering contractors
Quantum Advice

Project highlights

Role: Quantum Advice for the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM)

Scope: Capisce QS worked with Groundworks Plus to determine accurate cut and fill quantities to input into the DEM rehabilitation liability calculator to understand the full liability and overall potential risk in the mine clean up.

Challenges: The client required a report to have the accuracy to be confident to potentially relinquish the site to the DEM and have confidence to utilise the information in a tender process.

Capisce Solution: Utilising our specialist software our team conducted detailed accurate measures to provide the necessary confidence required.

Success:  The client was satisfied with the resultant information and proceeded negotiations with the DEM.

Role:  Detailed measurement from drawings of proposed development to enable sub-contractor enquiries.

Scope:  All trades (including mechanical & electrical installations)

Challenges:  Limited timeframes and incomplete information

Capisce Solution: Our agile and adaptable team can respond to requests with speed and accuracy.  This ability to react impulsively together with appropriate software and an experienced team is a winning formula for this type of work.

Success:  Capisce QS have now provided builders quants for tendering and cost planning purposes to most tier 1 and 2 builders in Adelaide and continue to provide this service for both building and infrastructure works.