Major Infrastructure Estimating

Optimising estimating to deliver critical infrastructure projects across Australia.

Capisce QS has the unique skills and experience to tackle significant mining, engineering and infrastructure projects.  Our experience and knowledge in these fields is recognised and celebrated nationally as we have become the go-to firm in these projects.

Understanding how to work in remote Australia and the challenges often experienced in providing water, power and skilled labour can often be the backbone to changing an idea into a reality that can affect not just people in regional Australia, but the Australian community as a whole. 

Water, power, roads, rail, ports, mines, manufacturing plants and a range of renewable energy projects are what feeds our economy and generates a happy healthy environment for us all to live in.  Capisce QS are proud contributors to making these projects work by providing accurate and detailed cost estimating services achieving the AACE recommended practices.

Capisce QS offers the following Major Mining Engineering and Infrastructure Estimating services:

  • Class 5 to 1 AACE estimating ability
  • Probabilistic Risk Ranging and workshop hosting
  • Opex estimating
  • Benchmarking
  • Waterfall Chart Reporting
  • Estimating plan reporting
  • Detailed Basis of Estimate Reporting
  • Market testing services
  • MTO preparation
  • WBS preparation and schedule / estimate alignment
Major Infrastructure Estimating

Project highlights

Role: Major Infrastructure Estimating

Scope: Reviewing several studies exploring new ways to increase capacity by up to 50% and improve cost efficiency through improvement of the current plant equipment and harnessing of lost energy. 

Challenges: Limited budgets and limited time to make the politically sensitive Whyalla Steelworks development feasible was the main challenge.  Understanding where plant, materials and resources would be sourced, and forming comparable baselines for competing solutions and suppliers all added to the complexity.  

Capisce Solution: Use detailed estimating reviews and probabilistic risk estimating preparation and workshops.

Success:  By using a process for detailed estimating reviews and probabilistic risk estimating preparation and workshops Capisce QS detailed the feasibility of different design solutions presented and provide confidence to the client in which route to invest time.

Role: Major Infrastructure Estimating

Scope: This project aimed to ensure the safe achievement of the five-year planned production rate through the Surface Operation processes at Olympic Dam. The capital plan included developing the Bismuth and Antimony Removal (SPS), Asset Integrity works (Concentrate Thickeners and Tails Leach Tank 4) (SDPS) and Sand Production to CAF (SPS).  

Challenges: Resolve estimating issues relating to asset integrity and sustaining production to ensure the five-year plan for production could be achieved.

Capisce Solution: Capisce conducted a number option studies to draw attention to appropriate solution.  Individuals with the right experience then completed the detailed estimating deliverables.

Success:  Our team completed all estimate requirements to BHP guidelines and levels of accuracy and provided commentary on benchmarking material and suitable procurement models best suited to these complex projects.