Quantifying resources that build communities.

Estimating is the process that quantifies the labour, plant and materials needed to complete a construction project.  At Capisce QS cost estimating can include diverse forms of construction from residential properties to high-rise commercial buildings, major power or water facilities, mining sites, roads, ports, and other civil and infrastructure works.

Capisce QS offers the following estimating services:

  • Feasibility Estimates
  • Continuous project life detailed estimating
  • First Principles Estimating
  • Cost Planning advice throughout design and project development
  • Detailed Mechanical and Electrical Services Estimating
  • Elemental and functional analysis 
  • Benchmarking
  • Comparative cost studies 
  • Master Planning advice
  • Cost Modelling
  • Advice on cost effective design and project solutions
  • Alternative material and methodology advice
  • Formulating appropriate budget costs and cost planning

Project highlights

Role: Cost Manager – Concept Phase to Construction Completion

Scope: Fast-tracked project in 10 months to refurbish 17 buildings, upgrade infrastructure, civil works including GLAs, science and technical learning.

Challenges: Rework of existing walls, ceilings and roof and extensive latent conditions in a brownfield site provided greater complexities in effective estimating.

Capisce Solution:  Capisce applied a cautious and thorough approach in updating and allocating budgets which assisted in providing accurate reporting for these works. Suitable allowances for the unknown had to be made and monitored as more latent defects were revealed.

Success: Our approach reduced risks by maintaining project budget through ongoing value management without affecting an opening for new students for a new school year.

Role: Strategic Advisor - Estimating

Scope: Concept, feasibility, financial approval, tender and tender review stages of capital projects

Challenges:  Limited available engineering information requires Capisce QS to draw upon its technical expertise and experience to anticipate likely design solutions for proposed works.

Capisce Solution: A transparent working relationship that enables open and frank discussions on design solutions and best-for-project outcomes.  Our team worked closely with design engineers, project managers and SA Water cost intelligence team to establish the best appropriate cost outcomes for the project.

Success:  Capisce QS has produced accurate and detailed estimates for SA Water and continues to offer a detailed technical appreciation of the financial impact of proposed design solutions. We have improved the knowledge, accuracy, and importance of estimating within SA Water.

Role:  Estimator

Scope: Estimating services for the Arts Centre, performing arts spaces, galleries and cinemas through extension and refurbishment of an existing space.

Challenges: Understanding operation of the existing facility and impact of temporary works on capital costs.

Capisce Solution: Open, honest dialogue with stakeholders to fully learn and understand what was important to them.

Success:  Practical cost, procurement, and funding advice provided by Capisce QS assisted in formulating a strategic plan for Country Arts SA to obtain funding.