Cost Management

Proactive cost control to deliver financially responsible outcomes.

Cost Management is the progressive control and monitoring of project costs to ensure the delivery of the project is in accordance with the approved budget. At Capisce QS, we proactively participate in the project development, from functional design brief through to the completion of tender documentation and beyond.

We are available across the full life cycle of a project to ensure value-for-money, timely delivery and a transparent and auditable project environment.

 Capisce QS offers the following cost management services:

  • Tender package measurement
  • Contract administration
  • Preparations and certification of interim valuations
  • Cost reporting and forecasting
  • Preparation, negotiation and agreement of final accounts
  • Assessment of tender returns and contractors proposals
  • Reporting on tenders received
  • Expenditure forecasting
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Reporting, reviewing and reconciling to budget and scope tenders received
  • Cost reporting and cost management
  • Assess, challenge, measure, price, negotiate and agree variations
  • Risk Management
  • Value Management/ Engineering
  • Whole and Life Cycle Costing
Cost Management

Project highlights

Role: Strategic Advisor – Cost Management

Scope: Upgrading electrical services for 12 sites across five country regions and fire services for five sites across three country regions. 

Challenges: The regional spread of this project and numerous stakeholders added challenges in delivery.  Experiencing the labour and material shortages and limited motivation to supply in regional areas further amplified by the nature of complex minor works scope all added the complexity of controlling the cost. 

Capisce Solution:  Capisce QS engaged with stakeholders through consistent communication in developing cost-effective solutions where the nature of work, its location, and the occurrence of the pandemic led to abnormally high-cost pressures.

Success: Despite experiencing numerous latent conditions and being impacted by the pandemic this project was delivered on time and to budget with minimal disruption to the healthcare operations.

Role: Cost Management

Scope: Program to deliver 250 refurbished social housing stock within a single financial year timeframe.   

Challenges: Delivery of project within single financial year.

Capisce Solution: Capisce provided detailed monitoring including number of completions, total program expenditure, assessment on variation works, and confirmation of value for money contract works, all on a fortnightly basis.  The contract was delivered by three builders each with separate allocations.

Success: All government KPI’s were met, overall spend was achieved and funds not exceeded. 250 homes were completed with 12 months and tenants were thrilled with the outcome.