Asset Valuations

Determining the financial value of an asset with the impact of changes in value to the end user, client or community from a wholistic perspective.

The Capisce QS team is experienced with the process behind valuing assets for a range of business types within both public and private sectors including building, utilities and infrastructure.  Valuations can then be utilised for insurance purposes, life cycle maintenance and establishing public cost structures rates.

For our team, asset valuation is equally about the non-cost decisions as it is about the cost decisions. For example, the outputs we produce not only inform clients about the financial worth of assets but helps them understand how asset values impact their stakeholders – from the general public using public transport or specific stakeholders such as​ medically critical patients using a hospital facility. This advice complements our other services such as cost management where we can use asset valuation information to control costs in a reliable manner.  

Capisce QS offers the following asset valuation services:

  • Estimate preparation for insurance purposes
  • Site inspection and validation
  • Evaluation of modern equivalency
  • Asset identification and suitability review
  • Condition Assessments
Asset Valuations

Project highlights

Role: Asset Valuation for $14 billion of SA Water assets

Scope: Provided detailed valuations of SA Water assets including pipes, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, tanks, earth storages, reservoirs, dosing stations and filtration plant. 

Challenges: Capisce’s detailed assessments are often conducted with limited information in a limited timeframe and as such the Capisce QS team add invaluable expertise through their understanding of the water industry and its technical operation. 

Capisce Solution: By providing first principles detailed estimates the engineering and accounting teams for SA Water can verify the appropriateness of the valuation data and can report with confidence in establish asset values.

Success:  The tools developed by Capisce QS have not only addressed the immediate needs of the SA water Asset team but have also enabled uses for insurance purposes and the future forecasting of operational costs.

Role: Provision valuation services for demineralisation plant, desalination plant, M6 pipeline and pump stations, and water storage assets.

Scope: Detailed assessment of available data and condition reports to prepare current replaceable costs for assets together with depreciated value.

Challenges: Capturing the unique remote conditions and environmental issues within the valuation.

Capisce Solution:  Developing a close working relationship with BHP project managers and applicable contractors to investigate true scope and productivity factors to include in the valuations

Success:  Providing sufficiently detailed information to satisfy the BHP asset team that a true and representative valuation of their assets has been completed.